5 things you didn’t know about coffee

January 15, 2018 in Curiosities

A cup of coffee is a liquid hug to the brain!

Coffee is wake-up calls; coffee is late night work; coffee is a first date, and a break-up tonic all rolled into one. Coffee is that friend who knows what can make any situation better. But what do we know about our friend, coffee?

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Our 5 favourite thali joints in Bombay that everyone should visit

November 3, 2017 in Bombay, Curiosities

So what is it about a thali that drives people in Bombay crazy for one? You just have to say the word thali and every Mumbaikar worth their salt will tell you about the five best thali joints you don’t know in Bombay. Having been to many of Bombay’s “renowned” and lesser-known joints across all corners (wait, do islands have corners?) of Bombay, Bee too are united with all those people who drool at the very mention of a thali. Continue reading »