The Urban Dictionary describes peacocking as the actions exhibited at the beginning of courting. These actions are typically temporary and only exist during the chase. Much like the male peacock displaying his spectacular feathers to capture attention (hence the term), you must make your product appear appealing on the Internet so that people are compelled to experience it as soon as they look at it.

For peacocks, it’s only necessary to be visually attractive. But for you to attract browsers and turn them into customers, you must not only be visually appealing but also provide a smooth experience and get right to the point. And when they take notice and approach you, you must be well prepared to welcome them. Everything depends on how appropriate the welcome is.

Landing pages are the doorways to your product/service. If someone is at your door, it is safe to assume it is because they want to be there. How do you retain their attention and convert them into customers?

A F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode has Joey seeking advice from Ross and Chandler. He points out that they manage to start a rapport with women but somehow end up driving them away. He wants to know their secret to repelling women. It’s ridiculous, I know, but Joey has his reasons.

Did you find this page because you are in the same boat as Ross and Chandler? Like the male peacocks, you have marketed yourself well and have gained initial trust, only to have browsers run away faster than you can say, Joey, once they get to your landing page?

How You Doin

All you need are a few of Joey’s secrets. So here is a handy list to help you ensure that the soul of your campaign, the landing page, is all that it promises to be.

  • Headlines must be a call for action; you should compel visitors on your landing page to go through with your procedure.
  • Headlines must match the referring source copy to show connectivity while providing continuity.
  • Descriptive content must be brief and if possible in the form of bullet points.
  • Landing page copy, URL and meta tags must all be optimised for search.
  • Use images that directly represent what is expected through the process.
  • Customise the submit button in the form into a call to action.
  • There are more conversions on landing pages that don’t have a top navigation bar.
  • Layouts must be responsive on every device.

The bowerbird makes a spectacular nest and arranges flowers and berries of all sorts to invite and welcome a mate. But if it gets rejected a few times, it will destroy its old nest and build again. This is what you must do. Build and rebuild till you find the best way to host your browsers. Courtship is tough on the Internet so pay attention.

By Harsha HM

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