Have you ever, as a child, while walking past a store with your family, stopped and pointed at something that caught your fancy looking longingly at your parents? Sending a clear message that you want it, whatever it is? Or perhaps started rolling on the ground right there, bawling that you want it?

Whether you got what you wanted or not, you certainly made it clear that there was something you wanted. But there are some of us who never expressed the desire outwardly but just kept it in our hearts and hoped that we could get it somehow. The internet babies a.k.a users are just like that. Sometimes they hound websites, coming in repeatedly and leaving footprints everywhere they go leading back there. Others leave hints that they might want something and some of them can be seen mysteriously gliding over everything but seemingly not wanting to pick anything up.

These users are your potential customers. And you must pay attention to them like you would to your own child. Like a good parent, a digital marketer must understand users, listen to what they’re saying even when they’re silent and understand their thoughts and feelings so that they can provide exactly what the users want.

Of course, the nature of relationship between a Digital Marketer and users is much more structurally complicated than a parent addressing a single child. It only works when you peek into their activities on and off page, monitor their social signals and see where they’re going after coming to you. They might want what you have but if you haven’t wrapped it attractively enough they might not want to risk it. Learn to make use of the actions of previous visitors to welcome new customers.

When you peek you have access to more information than you normally would, so peek around but let us tell you where to look while you’re peeking.

The most important digital marketing metrics:

Lifetime customer value
Lifetime Customer Value (LCV) is the most important metric that the digital marketers have to understand and track. LCV is the totality of the profits that a customer would bring in to the business during their lifetime. An accurately defined LCV helps the business to set the revenue margin and allocate budgets for the smooth execution of the digital marketing strategy.

Social signals
Social media channels are ever so important to enhance the overall digital strategy. Social signals are the interactions that the users have with your content on social media. The way your potential customers react to your views on social media is an indicator to whether your social strategy is working. Social signals are also very important for Search Engine Optimisation as well; as important as backlinks, some believe.

Mobile engagement
With more and more users consuming media on mobile platforms, marketers should hold high priority for improving engagement on mobile devices. The websites and the content should be optimised for mobile – this is super important. Understanding how users navigate through your web pages on mobile platforms will help you utilise the screen real estate in the most optimum manner.

Unique visitors
A returning visitor is a user who visits your web page more than once during a period of time. These visitors are in the later stages of the buyer cycle, and it is also useful to understand the number of times a user has visited the website. The landing pages through which these users enter your website helps you analyse the performance of the content and the effectiveness of the sales funnel.

Average session duration
Average session duration is to analyse whether your content is resonating with your audience. You could make use of heat-maps and scroll tracking to understand what your users were actually doing on the website.

Bounce rate
High bounce rates are a reminder that the landing pages have not been optimised. Most of the times the content is to blame. It is not targeted towards the relevant audience. The user experience, the calls-to-action and the quality of the content play an integral role in reducing the bounce rate & driving engagement with the audience.

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