Ah. Instagram. Lately, our favourite storytelling venue. From cooking to travel to fitness to learning to any topic you can think of, there are tons of amazing accounts on there, guaranteeing enough thumbcercise for you to get really buff… thumbs.

Right. Here, in no particular order, are our favourite accounts to follow on Instagram.


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TSA officers discovered 63 firearms last week in carry-on bags around the nation. Of the 63 firearms discovered, 58 were loaded and 23 had a round chambered. … While firearms are prohibited in carry-on bags, you can pack them in your checked baggage as long as you meet the packing guidelines: bit.ly/travelingwithfirearms … As a refresher, carry-on bags go into the cabin of the plane with you. Checked bags go into the cargo hold of the plane where passengers have no access. … When firearms are discovered at the checkpoint, we contact law enforcement and they decide what happens based on background checks, interviews and local laws. … A firearm at the checkpoint could lead to fines, arrests, missed flights or all of the above. As far as what happens to confiscated firearms, that's up to each local police department.

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The official Instagram feed for the Transportation Security Administration of the US Department of Homeland Security, this account has loads of information, especially when it comes to luggage and what you can carry on. And what they have even more of are puns. Lots and lots of puns. And while the TSA is much-maligned elsewhere, this feed, with over 800k followers, is a great example of how good storytelling should be. Funny, engaging, informative and puntastic.

BWMC Fitness

Run by Jennifer Galman, a mother of 4, this inspirational feed has her showcasing various workout ideas and exercise videos, all at home, featuring ready-to-hand equipment, including strollers, laundry, pies, babies and more. Her innovative workout videos have even been featured in ads for Samsung and at 101k followers, Bee think she is criminally underfollowed.

Tastemade UK

Honestly, the entire Tastemade network is worth a follow. Bee ourselves follow at least 6 Tastemade accounts. For this post, we’re sticking with Tastemade UK though. As can be expected, their feed has a lot of food and drinks and recipes. But they also have the occasional meme, the more than occasional joke, the frequent shout-outs, and general good vibes. We perfected our Egg Cups using them and if you want us to try your creations, give us a shout.

Beautiful Destinations

Bee strongly believe Instagram is mostly used by people who are travelling or people who want to travel or companies that want to sell travel or hotels that want you to stay with them on your travels. Yup. And there are a lot of travel-related accounts that make for envy-inducing follows. Top of that pile is Beautiful Destinations. Part of a 7-account network chronicling “beauty” around the world, Beautiful Destinations is one of the strongest Instagram influencers around, a testament to consistently creative storytelling.


The official Instagram account for GoPro, this mostly features user-sourced content, all created on a GoPro. And they are all uniformly stunning, making a great visual advertisement/recommendation for GoPro.

Andrew Knapp

Photographer-turned-dogdiarist, Andrew Knapp’s Instagram is a journal tracking his border collie, Momo. This wonderful (awww, look, a puppy) storytelling experiment has resulted in 2 NYT bestsellers and over 600k followers, all following Momo across the USA and Canada.

Later Media

The Instagram home for Later, the Instagram scheduling software everyone wants but very few can afford. Later Media’s feed is a brilliantly coordinated explosion of colour and stunning visuals and lots of handy guides to up your Instagram game.

These are our top Instagram storytellers. Do you have any recommendations for Bee to follow? Let us know in the comments.

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