Asynchronous: Ain’t as scary as it sounds

April 13, 2022 in Remote

“Man Shares Hack To Appear Online During WFH”. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have seen variations of this headline ad nauseam over the last two years. Mouse tied to Roomba to appear in motion, GIFs of people perpetually nodding to make them seem like they’re paying attention. A quick internet search will reveal tons of these hacks, including viral TikTok content (reviewed by YouTubers chasing, you guessed it, virality). As the boundaries between work and home blurred, the line between work and life grew tenuous, leaving less time for life already stressed by a raging pandemic. And forced to show up, employees rose to the occasion to develop innovative ways to cheat the surveillance systems keeping tabs on them. Continue reading »

Remote like it is

April 6, 2022 in Remote

Two years into the deadliest pandemic since the Spanish flu, every organisation all over the world – big or small – has had a taste of remote work. Some have gone on to adopt a remote or hybrid model full-time. Perhaps you’re a business that survived remote (or “office at home” masquerading as remote work). It’s 2022 now – you’re fatigued, concerned about revenues, or maybe you just want to get on with your life because, hey, let’s face it, Covid is here to stay. Continue reading »