The power of suggestion.

The subconscious is constantly being swayed by the world around it. The subconscious manifests itself slowly. Subtle is nice. But when you need results, you need to be direct. You don’t plant a simple idea and wait for it to blossom. The power of suggestion is too promising to not apply it.

A customer must be pleased. But you don’t please them selflessly. You deserve their response. You have to ask them to go further. Explore you more. Understand you better. And when the time is right, give back.

But, you must ask them. Communicate your request. Make it visible. Let them know you need their response. Give them the opportunity to show it. Don’t make it hard for them to give back. Be ready to accept. With open arms. Help them make the decision.

Appeal, invite, strike a bargain and take what you must. Be courteous but be bold. Ask them to do your bidding. Request them. Please them. Offer them.

If all they need is a nudge, be gentle. Or push them over the edge. Make sure they get there. Where you want them to be. This is your game, play it right.

This isn’t sorcery. It is all about visibility. Humans are visual creatures. Contrasting colors stand out. Size matters. Position matters. But most importantly, the words you choose to whisper in their ears. We call them CTAs.

What are CTAs or Calls-to-action?

Call to action, or CTA, is a motivator urging users to take an action. CTAs lead users to perform actions throughout the buyer’s journey. They help users take better decisions. Get to where they want to be easily.

Effective CTAs improve conversions. The following factors make up an impressive call-to-action:

    • Position

      People love it when the solution is simple. It’s even better if they can access it right away. Place the CTA in a position which is visible at first glance and easy to access.

    • Copy

      The text should suggest users to take a particular action. It should be in context of the stage of the buyers’ journey and intent.

    • Design

      The button or link must be big and in contrast to the page, making it easily visible. Use clean fonts that distinguish the CTA from the rest of the content.


In Hogwarts there is a room that provides anything that one needs.
The Room of Requirement.
The only catch is that one must desire it strongly. One must ask for it.

You must be the Room of Requirement. You must cater to your users’ interests without having to ask them what it is they want. You must be thorough with your research. And as long as you satisfy your customers they will go where you lead them.

Show your customer that you understand their interests.
Because playing to their interests is in your interest.

“If you have to ask you’ll never know, if you know you need only ask.”


By Harsha HM

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