Learning to call myself a Writer: Telling Stories at Bee

July 5, 2022 in Content, Inbound, Stories

You remember slam books, right? Those slim, rectangular journals your friends would ask you to fill up, typically on the last day of class before school closed for session break? They would have forms with questions about your sun sign, hobbies, chosen travel destination, favourite food, best friend, dream job and things like that. I remember filling a bunch of them in my teen years, taking time to write honest and innovative answers each time someone handed me their slam book (yes, I took it very seriously, no regrets). A lot of my answers changed over the years (favourite food changed from Fried Hilsa to Chicken Biriyani to Crispy Lotus Stem; best friend changed from.. no maybe I shouldn’t go there). But one answer remained the same. Under dream job, I always put ‘Writer’.

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